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Helpful information related to online data storage

Online Backup Affiliate Programme

Z1 Storage offers an online storage, affiliate program which is also known as a ‘partner program’ and contributes towards improved relationships between the service provider and the end user. Resellers make use of this opportunity to help increase their profits and product offering to their network of users.

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Why are Backups Important?

Cloud based data backup and recovery services is cost-effective, scalable and provides easy access to your data. It is a good strategy to ensure business continuity and data recovery in case of data loss. You have the option of regular automated cloud backups which will prevent any data loss in the even of anything unforeseen happening as your data is also stored off-premise.

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Cloud Storage Explained

What is ‘Cloud Storage’? It is a term referring to having your data and files stored in a decentralised data storage facility that is online and off-site. Data stored off-site becomes the responsibility of your third-party cloud provider, which you can access via the public internet or a dedicated private network. As your provider, Z1 Storage hosts, secures, manages and maintains the servers and associated infrastructure, ensuring you can access your data whenever needed.

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