Flexible Cloud Storage Pricing

Z1 Storage offers pay-as-you-use cloud storage.

Each TB stored includes generous amounts of API calls.
Free ingress and egress equivalent to your stored data per month.

10GB Trial Account
S3-compatible cloud storage
10 GB storage Included
Download, Upload and API requests included
Upgrade possible should you need more space
Pay As You Use
South African Cloud Storage
300 GB storage Included
Thereafter R0.30 per additional GB
Egress, ingress and S3 API calls included

  • Traffic included : Free Uploads, Full volume included for free per month.
  • Z1-Optimal SSD IO : NVME cached storage for quick retrieval
  • Free API calls : All 3 classes included per month
  • Online storage manager : Upload , download and manage online
  • Access key management : Issue, revoke and set access levels per user
  • Bucket permissions : Public web access or private access only through authorised key or API call
  • Multiple buckets : Organise and manage your data through multiple buckets each with their own access controls
  • File version control : File version control
  • Full Volume Egress² : You can download as much as you have stored, per month for free.

² Full Egress: 100% of the stored data per month can be downloaded free of additional fees.
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Z1 Storage

Built for data backups, off site data mirroring, CDP and CDN. You get up to 100% of the stored data's volume toward your egress data, free, per month. More info

Private data storage

Your data is stored in reserved capacity with guaranteed throughput. For those needing physically isolated data storage and backups. Our Private storage offering brings you the benefit of full capacity usage at a fraction of the cost of owning and maintaining your own hardware.

Our cloud data storage features

Feature rich however it's surprisingly easy to configure and use.

Z1 Storage works with and storage data for S3 compliant backup systems.
Slots into most set-ups

No hacks needed! Z1 Storage works with your trusted software, SAN, NAS and OS

Data backups through AWS S3 compatible API, web data uploads or S3 API Gateway uploads.

Use our data storage through GUI, API and command line.

S3 Compatible Data Storage - Data archiving
Data longevity

Long lived data has found its home. We are relentless when it comes to the design and integrity of our data infrastructure. Your data is safe, reliable and retrievable.

Cloud Storage Access
No barriers to data access.

Zero delays, pay to get full speed? No ways! You get fast, consistent access to your data, all the time.

Backup to object-storage
Meet your data archiving obligations

Businesses are required to keep data for long periods of time. Your data can rest here until you need it.

S3 API token based authentication for cloud storage.
Budgets are happier

Pay as you use, low cost, high reliability data storage.

Helpful answers

Insight into the operations within Z1 Storage

We include 100% of your stored data volume towards your egress quota per month: This means , if you store 10 TB of data, you can download 10 TB from our service to your devises, free of charge, per month. We implement the aforementioned limit to protect the integrity and speed of our network. We have no hard-limit on ingress.

The functionality for both products is near identical.

Z1 Storage, is our market rendition and backup offering for an off-site, cloud based backup service. We are fully S3 API compatible, and our backup solution works with many transfer protocols; one of which is the S3 API protocol.

We at Z1 Storage appreciate that most backup software and applications have the ability to communicate with the S3 API. In the interest of offering a readily-usable product: One of our first storage methods was the S3 compatible cloud storage gateway.

Along with other connection methods, the ability to backup to the could is within everyones reach through Z1 Storage.

We will be happy to assist you!

Our migrations team will faciliate the move of your data from your current data storage service provider to Z1 Storage. contact sales@z1storage.com

It is a question we have had to ask ourselves:

"Do we want to compete fiercly on price, in an already saturated market? Or do we want to provide the most reliable and honestly priced service possible?"

Cutting corners is not an option for us when it comes to looking after our clients information and backups. We only use top line storage, multi piered networks and hire the best in the industry. All this requires real world pricing.

Sure we do! We'll offer the first 10GB for free. Simply sign up and begin storing your data.

We house our storage nodes in world class data centers throughout South Africa in Johannessburg and Cape Town. Every data center is required to have L1 early fire detection and prevention (SANS 10139:2012), access control, security on site, reservered fuel for guarenteed uptime and must be ISO compliant.