Z1 Storage: S3 Compatible storage.

S3 API gateway compliant data backups. Cloud data storage in South Africa.

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The solution to your data storage needs.
Z1 Storage's S3-compatible API integrates into your existing data solutions platforms. Make your cloud strategy future ready. Multi-cloud backups using the same techniques and workflow as other major cloud providers.

Z1 Storage is cloud storage. We've perfected our cloud storage solution, so that you can focus on your other business needs and not on the setup, maintenance and cost of in house storage.

Our pricing is straightforward; we include generous data and API calls with each TB of data stored. All costs are clearly laid out. There are no surprise 'fair-use' policies or unexpected costs.

Z1 Storage is S3 compatible data storage
Listed below you will find a few of the compatible backup systems that work with Z1 Storage.
cPanel cloud backup to S3 compatible data storage.

WHM backups to your S3 compatible destination.

WHM S3 backup Tutorial
Acronis cloud storage backup destination in South Africa

Acronis Cyber Cloud with built in S3-API and Z1 Storage integration.

Mountainduck storage to Z1 Storage data storage in south africa

Cyberduck - Explore your Z1 Storage files and folders on Windows or MacOS

Cyberduck Profile
Rclone is compatible with Z1 Storage's S3 API gateway.

Rclone - connects to Z1 Storage buckets. Great for automating Unix backups.

Rclone with Z1 Storage
WHMCS cloud storage uses Z1 Storage

Configuring WHMCS to use Z1 Storage as a file and attachment storage point.

WHMCS cloud storage

Use Z1 Storage with AWS SDK for PHP


S3fs-fuse mounts Z1 Storage in unix systems for easier use of your data.

s3fs fuse tutorial


s3cmd Command Line S3 / Z1 Storage Client and Backup for Linux and Mac.


Backup files and folders with strong AES-256 encryption to Z1 Storage.

Duplicati Tutorial

Cloudberry - MSP360: Backup Mac, Windows and Linux Servers to Z1 Storage Cloud Storage.

QNAP data mirror

Sync your Z1 backup data to your QNAP NAS devices.

Synology S3 compatible backups

Synchronise your Synology NAS drive to Z1 Storage.

Duplicacy data cloud

Duplicacy backs up your files to many cloud storage providers. Client-side encryption and highest deduplication.

Plesk backup storage

Plesk - Configuring Remote Storage, S3 Compatible backups to Z1 Storage.

Plesk Backup Tutorial
S3 Browser

S3 Browser is a freeware Windows client for S3 compatible storage. Perfect for Z1 Storage buckets and backup space.

S3 Browser Tutorial

Veeam is a leading data backup and recovery solution, fully compatible with Z1 Storage, offering fast and reliable data protection for your business.

Veeam Tutorial

Acronis and Veeam Backups

Acronis and Veeam Backup Gateway allows you to have your backup destination set to public cloud providers. Z1 Storage is fully compatible and performant.

Backup your server

Backing up your server does not need to be complicated or costly. Z1 Storage works well with MSP, Acronis, Solarwinds, cPanel, rclone, awscli etc.

NAS mirror and backup

Built in compatibility for most NAS makes and models, Synology, QNAP, TrueNAS, Asustor and many more. Set your backup destination to Z1 Storage.

PC backup and restore

True Image backup destination for your PC, Mac and Unix based devices.

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