Use Duplicati on Windows to Backup your data to Z1 Storage

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Duplicati is open source backup software: Free backup software to store encrypted backups online For Windows, macOS and Linux!

Download and install Duplicati

Firstly you will need to Download Duplicati from , you will be presented with various operating systems, select the one that will work with your setup. The OS options include: Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat. macOS / OSX. Clicking on the download option that suits your operating system,

For this tutorial we will use the Windows version: Duplicati

A dialogue box will appear: Click Save File.

Duplicati Download

Once saved, open the .msi file you just downloaded.

Duplicati Saved

A warning will appear on the screen asking if you are sure you want to open the file and that you trust the source. Click OK if you are satisfied with running this program,

Duplicati MSI Accept

Complete the setup process and then run Duplicati.

This will start the program and an icon will appear in your hidden icons on your task bar.

Duplicati Hidden Icon

Right-click the icon and select Open:

Duplicati Open - Right Click

A new browser window or tab will open: this is where you setup Duplicati and your backup schedule/backup point.

Setup Duplicati to backup your Windows machine

On the newly opened website/tab/browser windows, you will see the Dulpicati control panel. Click on Add backup, found on the left-hand side navigation.

Add Backup

Select Configure a new backup

Configure a New Backup

Click Next


Here you see the first step in the backup schedule process, here we set the name,description and most importantly the passphrase

General Backup Settings


( this passphrase needs to be kept safe and you need to remember it ) why? Because without it: Your encrypted backups will remain encrypted! You won't be able to read the content :(


Click Next


Step 2: Here you setup the backup destination.

Under Storage Type select S3 Compatible

Storage Type S3 Compatible

Once your have selected S3 Compatible, you will need to configure the rest of the options as follows ( replacing bucket,key,secret etc with your own )

  • Storage Type: S3 Compatible
  • Use SSL: Ticked
  • Server (Custom server URL):
  • Bucket Name: You need to fill in the bucket name you created in your control panel on
  • Bucket create region (Custom region value): Leave this blank
  • Storage Class (Custom storage class): Leave this blank
  • Folder path: Optional
  • AWS Access ID: Obtained from your control panel on
  • AWS Access Key: Obtained from your control panel on
  • Client library to use: Amazon AWS SDK

Backup Destination : S3 Compatible

Click Test connection

Test S3 Connection Using Z1 Storage Cloud

A notification will appear - telling you a bucket should start with a username.
Click No

Username - Ignore

If all went well, you will see a success message:

Cloud Storage Success

Click Next

The rest of the steps are self explanatory, Source Data - you select what you want to backup. Schedule - you select when the backup is to run, Options - you can leave these options as default for most setups.

Simple Steps

Once your backup is configured, click on Home

Save Home

Then click on Run now, on your newly created backup

Run Now

Congratulations! You have successfully setup your backups to run on Duplicati, a free program to backup Windows, Linux and MacOS to Z1 Storage!

Important: Remember to keep your passphrase safe!