Z1 Storage - Backup application

Mount your backup space as a drive within Windows and MacOS.

Z1 Storage Application

Have your data accessible and ready on your device at all times. With our integrated backup mount app. Your data backups with Z1 Storage will be seen as if they are local files. Making it easier and quicker to access, adjust and backup. Fully compatible with on-device backup programs.

Z1 Storage's application allows you to mount your Z1 Storage Buckets as a drive in MacOS Finder or in the Windows File Explorer. Works just like a local volume; allowing you to open remote files with any application.

Remove the barrior to accessing your backed up files and folders by having it mounted directly on your device for ease of access.

Z1 Storage App

Quickly create mount points on Windows or Mac. This allows you to treat your backup space as if it where a directly connected storage device.

  • Perfect for ad hoc backups
  • Configure with existing backup software to use the mount point
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Smart sync and S3 style bucket mounts

Quickly mount your Z1 Storage bucket as an additional drive, for example H:

  • Copy to the directory instantly, smart syncs in the background
  • Bandwidth controls
  • Designed for Windows and Mac
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Explore your files easily

Backups accessible within your file manager.

  • Behaves as if it's on PC storage
  • Ease of data access across multiple devices
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Bucket management

Configure multiple buckets, each with their own versioning and life cycle settings. Create and modify options within your client portal.

  • Intuitive controls simplify your backup space setup
  • Browse files and directories online
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Ready to backup?

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Backup types used with our cloud storage

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On-site to in-cloud

Move in house data to the cloud and scale as you need.

No technical headaches or worrying about replacement hardware, spares in storage, or over investing in a large storage system when you only need to use a small portion initially.

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Hybrid storage

It is recommended to have more than 1 backup system in place.

Combine your on prem storage or NAS and have Z1 Storage cloud as the secondary off-site backup destination.

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Still using old tech?

It may be time to move to a quicker, trust-worthy data storage provider. Z1 Storage offers data warehousing in class leading datacenters. Climate moderated, access controlled, power-surge protected with DDOS protection on our multi-homed network.

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Avoid being locked in to one vendor. never worry about a network outage at one service provider effecting your ability to backup and recover data.

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Control your data

Disgruntled employees, careless construction or a simple power surge can render your in-house backups useless. From the NAS to data warehousing with Z1 Storage.

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Industry standards

Use a multitude of channels to backup your data to Z1 Storage. We offer always-on storage mounts, manual web uploads, API calls and trusted SCP Rsync.