Online Backup Affiliate Programme

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What is a cloud storage affiliate programme?

Z1 Storage offers an online storage, affiliate program which is also known as a ‘partner program’ and contributes towards improved relationships between the service provider and the end user. Resellers make use of this opportunity to help increase their profits and product offering to their network of users. Backup providers like Z1 Storage also gain valuable assistance is gaining and supporting clients. It’s a win-win situation.

Why offer cloud backups to your clients?

With Z1 Storage you can offer backup services to all clients, it does not matter what OS they use or how much they would like to store. We provide compatibility with MacOS, Windows and Unix as well as all S3 API compatible backup systems.

We have spend a lot of time writing tutorials for various data backup systems with more added on a weekly basis.

Cloud Backup affiliate programme

Cloud reselling is when a service provider purchases products and services from major providers like Z1 Storage and then resells it to their customers.

We have decided to focus on the affiliate model, where we provide support to the referred clients and in return, give a small recurring commission to the referrer as a thank you.. This allows resellers to give their customers backup solutions while participating in revenue sharing. It also takes all administrative stress away from the referrer. We prefer this model for the short term as it means you can monitor and control the support levels that are provided. Client support is of utmost importance to us.

Though we are still working on our white-label offering, you can take part in our affiliate programme where a portion of your referrals monthly spend is credit back to your account. with us. These credits can be withdrawn on request to a South African Bank account, or any Paypal account.

Once you’ve signed up with Z1 Storage, you will be given a dashboard where you will be able to keep track of referrals, commission due to you and the payment state of clients under your profile. You can retain responsibility for direct customer support or your referrals can contact us directly for assistance.

Cloud Storage vs Cloud Backup

The aim of both cloud storage and cloud backup is to protect our customers’ data. Whichever option you choose, is dependent on your individual needs.

Cloud Storage

It is the equivalent of having an external drive in an off-premise location. A portal is created which allows you to access your replicated data via the internet. Often called hot storage. A benefit of cloud storage is that as your data increases, you can increase your capacity. It is suggested that organizations which require consistent updates utilise cloud backup. This is a contingency against loss or damage, as your data will be saved automatically.

Cloud Backup

Should anything untoward happen, you will be able to retrieve the most recent version that was saved. Cloud backup allows for the transfer of data to remote servers, depending on the configurations set by the user, and backups are done automatically. We name this cold data storage.