S3 API - Common

Common Entities

Bucket and Host Name

There are two methods of accessing the buckets.

The recommended method identifies the buckets as the top-level directory in the URI.

GET /mybucket    
HTTP/1.1 Host: cname.domain.com

The second method identifies the bucket via a virtual bucket host name. For example:

GET / HTTP/1.1 
Host: mybucket.cname.domain.com

To configure virtual hosted buckets, you can either set rgw_dns_name = cname.domain.com in Z1 Storage.conf, or add cname.domain.com to the list of hostnames in your zonegroup configuration. See Z1 Storage Object Gateway - Multisite Configuration for more on zonegroups.


We recommend the first method, because the second method requires costly domain certification and DNS wild cards.

Common Request Headers

Request Header Description
CONTENT_LENGTH Length of the request body.
DATE Request time and date (in UTC).
HOST The name of the host server.
AUTHORIZATION Authorization token.

Common Response Status

HTTP Status Response Code
100 Continue
200 Success
201 Created
202 Accepted
204 NoContent
206 Partial content
304 NotModified
400 InvalidArgument
400 InvalidDigest
400 BadDigest
400 InvalidBucketName
400 InvalidObjectName
400 UnresolvableGrantByEmailAddress
400 InvalidPart
400 InvalidPartOrder
400 RequestTimeout
400 EntityTooLarge
403 AccessDenied
403 UserSuspended
403 RequestTimeTooSkewed
404 NoSuchKey
404 NoSuchBucket
404 NoSuchUpload
405 MethodNotAllowed
408 RequestTimeout
409 BucketAlreadyExists
409 BucketNotEmpty
411 MissingContentLength
412 PreconditionFailed
416 InvalidRange
422 UnprocessableEntity
500 InternalError